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Finally- A way to enjoy good 'ol Mary Jane without sweets!


I've been a model for a long time. And I love eating marijuana. One small problem the majority of edibles are made into sweets or heavy breads. Either way my ass nor can my blood sugar tolerate massive amounts of sweets. I thought there's gotta be a better way! 

So a year ago I took over this jerky idea a friend had and took off with it.

Making Marijuana into Jerky.

Why on earth would I do such a thing? I personally LOVE jerky and eat it often. It's high in protein and great for a a quick snack. I believe once you try a sample you'll be hooked.

Marijuana Coconut oil

We make coconut oil  with high quality de-carbed hash. I do all the de-carbing myself. I'm sure once you try the coconut oil you won't cook with anything else.